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Licensed, Insured, Certified & Trusted

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee all roofing services and construction related work to the customer's satisfaction or the service is free.

You don't pay anything until the job is 100% complete, and you are 100% satisfied!

More Reasons to Hire Lynchburg Roofing?

"We want to thank you and your crew for an excellent job!! Please let your crew know they are the hardest working group of men we have ever seen. They went above and beyond our expectations. They did an excellent job. …hardest working group of men we have ever seen… They are A-1-Cream of the Crop-No. 1. And to you Chris, the man who makes it all happen. You said what you were going to do and did it just as stated. There are very few in business who have the “Perfect” business model but YOU do and we thank you. The job was painless and that is the very best it gets! "


20 Questions: Before You Hire a Contractor<

Lynchburg Roofing recommends you do your homework! Before you hire a contractor, make sure you ask them these 20 questions.

>>Questions Before You Hire

Why Hire Lynchburg Roofing?

Clean up is done daily. We will not leave your property a mess over night.

When we start your job, we will be there every day it's not raining, until the job is finished. No starting and then disappearingfor several days.

All roofing work is done by our employees only. No subcontractors. (we use subcontractors for interior trim on skylights and for gutter installation)

To promote an emphasis on quality workmanship and to discourage haste and sloppiness, our employees get paid by the hour and not by how many squares of shingles they install.